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New Student
Say hello to Alex! After trying to make a tsundere character, I came up with a tomboy instead. (Is it just me, or does she look extremely masculine?!)
Here is her profile:
Name: Alexandria "Alex" Parker
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 133 pounds
Blood type: O-
Favorite hobbies: dancing, working out, swimming, and playing video games
Birthday: April 20 
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Favorite color: Blue
(No, I didn't base her off of me. She has my height and zodiac sign, but that's it.)
Abby and Julia
Sorry for the very long hiatus. I can't think of anything. Julia (the girl on the left) is a princess. Her birthday is March 12, while Abby's birthday is March 10. They are both 18.
I tried to make a comic, but I failed. (It was too complicated for me.)
(I don't own Kisekae.)
Winter (SushiPokemon, Silly Version)
For SushiPokemon. I hope this cheers you up and makes you feel better.
:P Aries must have messed up with her psychic powers...
The background was found on Google.
Winter (SushiPokemon)
I had no idea what to call it :P
These all belong to SushiPokemon
From left to right: Aries, Ko, and Luna
Ko is so tough, he doesn't need a coat :P
For SushiPokemon.
The background was found on Google. 
Humanized Aries (For SushiPokemon)
Sorry if she's missing a bunch of things. I couldn't figure out how to get the wing in front of her eye.
For SushiPokemon
Humanized Luna (For SushiPokemon)
Here you go :) 
I'm sorry if she's too boring or something you wanted isn't on her. 
This was made in Kisekae.

For SushiPokemon


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